создающий ценные и полезные для общества продукты

We are Lime team!

of like-minded people who create

team of like-minded people who create valuable and useful products for society



valuable and useful products for

of like-minded people who create valuable and useful products for society

valuable and useful products for


We are Lime team!
An international team of like-minded people who create valuable and useful products for society


An international

Lime Russia is part of the Limex Broadcast international group of companies. Lime HD Company is the developer of Lime TV service, one of the leaders in the video services market in Russia
Our team has gathered talents, next to whom you can quickly learn, grow and become a leader

We create services for watching TV and movies on Android, iOS, Smart TV, Windows and WEB platforms

Lime is a dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative place of work

We are innovators, ready to take risks. We are dedicated to experimentation and creativity. We create unique services and it is important for us to be leaders in the markets in which we operate. We encourage personal initiative and freedom
There is an atmosphere of mutual respect and support in the company. There is a system of rewarding employees for their achievements. All employees are constantly developing, self-improving, increasing the level of knowledge and skills
Comfortable working conditions have been created: a convenient office location in the city center, cozy work areas, freshly brewed coffee and delicious, healthy snacks for a snack, as well as full-fledged free breakfasts for everyone.
Millions of people are already using our products in Russia, the CIS, Latin America, the USA and European countries

Our goal is to become the global market leader in streaming, media and content

But not only advanced technologies form the foundation of the company. Fundamental values are no less important for us

Lime team values

to achieve success it is very important to be able to find new solutions in creating products with unique characteristics
Leadership and unique products
there is an atmosphere of freedom and creativity in the company
we encourage initiative people, as this is a leadership trait. Such people are ingenious, energetic, self-confident
our employees know how to take risks, but they do it consciously. We support any of their aspirations
one of the most important values, without the desire to create something new - there can be no development. Innovators have a special type of thinking, they are able to create strategies that have not yet existed, and this is a direct way to victory over competitors
we value creative thinking, the ability to see things from a different angle - from the point of view of the creator. Creative people make new material and spiritual values that are important for humanity
Today the company's staff consists of 100 talented developers, designers, marketers, analysts. Our team speaks 10 languages.

Working in Lime is:

Working for one of the best employers in Russia: Lime HD took third place in the Forbes rating «The best employers in Russia — 2022»

We are participants of the Skolkovo Innovation Center

Covering the costs of medical services
Comfortable office in the city center with parking
Official employment, flexible working hours
Opportunity to implement the most daring ideas at the expense of the company's resources
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Our offices are located in Russia, Cyprus, Brazil and Turkey. The headquarters of the company is located in the best city on the Volga - Cheboksary

Cheboksary is:
Ideal city for living, starting a family, raising children and developing professionally.
Affordable medicine. Dentistry is especially popular. People from Moscow and other megacities of Russia come to the dentists of the city;
There is a railway interchange for a train ride, and 3 hours from the city there is Kazan with its own airport;
Comfortable and inexpensive housing;
Place for quiet walks, full relaxation. Surrounded by nature, against the background of wonderful sunsets and sunrises, it is possible to get rid of stress, keep mental health under control and feel happy;

Fancy office

Comfortable working conditions. The main advantage is the convenient location of the office. It is located in the center of the city
Corporate cafe with free breakfast for all employees;
Secure parking right in front of the office with free parking spaces;
Equipped recreation area where you can relax with a book or actively spend time playing table football or tennis, darts, video games;
Fully equipped workplaces that are located in the open-space format;
Comfortable meeting rooms on each floor;
Green areas for organizing meetings and productive discussion of plans;
An extensive library, which is constantly updated with new books;
Lounge areas where everyone can enjoy invigorating freshly brewed coffee, herbal tea and healthy snacks.

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